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Campaign 2020

I am running for the City Council position because I believe in a fair, responsible, and transparent government. I am not a politician, rather a concerned citizen who will provide a voice of reason, cooperation and direction.

The City Council of Atherton must focus on the environmental and community safety issues that jeopardize our children’s futures. These include monitoring factors that effect air quality, emergency preparedness, and criminal activity within our community.

As a council member, I will work to find solutions to these problems and minimize their impact on Atherton. 

In the last year I have served on Atherton’s Environmental Program Committee. We have examined the immediate threats of climate change on our world, state, and community. California has experience an increased number of wildfires along with an increased intensity which amplifies poor air quality that affect us all. 

As Environmental Chair of Atherton, I strive to set and achieve our state environmental goals. 

We also need more community planning for emergencies and community safety. I would maintain Atherton’s close, cooperative relationship with the police and fire department.

I encourage community participate through collaboration and individual feedback on issues that are important to residence.

During the Pandemic, I’ve experienced more active participation amongst community members  than in the past 20 years that I have lived here. As a City Council member, I want to encourage more residential involvement while advocating for my constitutes. I will do this in a fiscally conservative yet, responsible manner.

Pending final confirmation of the election results by the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer, Mark Church, as well as the California Secretary of State, it appears that Diana has won a seat on the Atherton City Council!  We are really thrilled and will post more information as soon as we learn more. Diana will reach out to everyone who has contacted us and asked to be included in her occasional email communications with residents. 

If you would like to be added to Diana’s email outreach list, please click on Connect and complete the contact form.  Meanwhile, these are very encouraging initial results and we send thanks to all of Diana’s supporters and boosters for your votes, your confidence and your support!