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Diana’s Candidate Statement

I am running for the Council because I want to do my part to provide: fair, responsible, and transparent government. I am not a politician but instead a concerned citizen who would like to provide a voice of reason, cooperation and direction.

We must address the issues that relate to our community with an eye to building the future we want for our kids. In the last year, I have served on Atherton’s  Environmental Program Committee. We have looked at the immediate threats environmental change will have on our world, state and right here in our city.  California is seeing increases in the intensity and quantity of wildfires which result in air quality issues that affect us all. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. Sea Level rise will also directly impact our local and nearby communities. The city of Atherton must step up to reach our state environmental goals and strive for reach goals.

We also need more community planning for emergencies and community safety. I would like to maintain Atherton’s close, cooperative relationship with the police and fire department.

I would also like to see increased community involvement. Like my fellow Atherton residents, I value my privacy but at the same time need community. In the last 20 yrs that I have lived in Atherton, I have never seen more people walking the streets than I have during quarantine. Things are changing in our world and we are all in this together.

I am grateful to live in this beautiful city and will fight to keep it safe, quiet and healthy. As a new voice to politics, I hope to play a role to help build consensus and always respect differences of opinion… I hope to manage town resources in a careful, fiscally conservative manner with an eye to the future.