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Emergency Preparedness

Diana supports cooperation for better emergency preparedness

In addition to earthquakes, Atherton is at greater risk of canopy fires and hazardous smoke.  We need to support and expand the Atherton Disaster and  Preparedness Team (A.D.A.PT.) and coordinate these efforts across the city with policed department and fire district.  Atherton residents need to all know about and get involved in the emergency preparedness plans. A.D.A.P.T. is an all-volunteer citizen group formed in partnership with the police and the fire districts to aid fellow Athertonians in preparing for major emergencies and natural disasters. They develop block-by-block plans for how to notify homes, evacuate seniors, and meet at designated assembly points. Our A.D.A.P.T. leadership has done an amazing job involving many households but we cannot allow this effort to fail to finish the job of connecting with every resident. I would like to see this program expanded and coordinated across the city.